• Anesthesia
    A range of anesthetic modalities are available, specifically catered to the individual needs of the patient, providing safe, effective anesthesia for each procedure.
  • Surgical Services
    General soft tissue surgeries include ovariohysterectomy (OHE/spay), castration (neuter), mass removal, abscess and wound debridement/closure, exploratory laparotomy, cystotomy, splenectomy, “cherry eye” tacking procedure, and feline forelimb declawing. Orthopedic surgeries, performed by a board-certified surgeon, include cruciate ligament surgery, patellar luxation stabilization, femoral head ostectomy, fracture repair, and limb amputation.
  • Pain Management
    Appropriate management of pain promotes general well-being, enhanced healing, and a more rapid return to health following surgical procedures.
  • Dentistry
    Our modern equipment allows us to perform complete oral evaluations, obtain digital dental xrays, and maintain oral health through ultrasonic dental scaling and polishing, with routine extractions as necessary.