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We are a full-service veterinary facility, ready to attend to all of your pet’s healthcare needs.

Meadow Veterinary Hospital, located in White Plains, New York, is a general veterinary practice facility. We offer complete medical care for your canine and feline family members. Our mission is simple. We want to help you maintain that deep family bond with your pet loved-ones. We accomplish this through health and wellness, preventive medicine and a proactive approach to the management of illness.

The goal of our White Plains, New York animal hospital is to exceed your expectations with expert care, compassion and service.


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    1600 Mamaroneck Avenue
    White Plains, NY 10605

    (914) 949-1115


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    Monday-Friday: 8am – 6pm
    Saturday: 8am – 1pm
    Sunday: Closed


    Veterinary Emergency Group
    (914) 949 – 8779

Blog Updates

In honor of Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Month, we'd like to share our heartfelt sympathy for all those who have lost a pet family member. Please feel free to share your memories with us below. 🌈

Part 3 in our series about pet hydration: Pets who eat dry food, have any disease or are young or older need to drink more water than others, especially in hot weather. See below for some tips on how to keep your pet drinking the water they need.
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Part 2 in our series about pet hydration: When a pet loved one becomes dehydrated, in addition to water loss they also lose electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and chloride which help regulate numerous body functions. Blood flow and volume become reduced, which in turn reduces the flow of oxygen ...to organs and tissue. Untreated, dehydration becomes life-threatening as organs shut-down. Some important signs and symptoms to look for include:

Excessive panting
Loss of skin elasticity – doesn't go back or flattens slowly when pinched
Loss of energy and appetite
Sunken dry eyes
Dry and sticky gums
If you observe any of these signs in your pet, it's best to contact us immediately.

#pethydration #healthypetsmakehappyfamilies

While we wait for Summer to sneak up on us again, here is part 1 in our series about Pet Hydration: As August weather usually likes to remind us, pet hydration is important especially in hotter temps. Dehydration happens when water intake is below body requirements. Pets bodies are 80% water which ...means they need to constantly drink water in order to stay well hydrated. Ensuring a fresh source of water is available at all times makes it easier for pets to keep drinking in the hot Summer months.
#hydration #pets #healthypetsmakehappyfamilies

Awareness of human behavior when looking for a lost pet can be critical to finding a pet loved-one quickly.

Thank you to Christa with Nutramax for providing us with a nice mid day treat, and thank you to Ice Cream Emergency Westchester NY !

Understanding animal behavior can help inform how best to find a lost pet loved one. Contact us if you have any questions.